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Winning Song: “Wings”

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City: Warsaw, Poland
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I was born in Wyszków, Poland in October 1990. Even as a kid I’ve always been pretty creative. I’ve spent a lot of time writing stories, making comic books or even recording some stuff that nowadays you could probably call a podcast. At the age of 12-13 I started to realize that music was the right way for me to express myself. At first I was actually trying to become an MC but when I was about 15 I finally decided to become a music producer.

At that time I was heavily inspired by Linkin Park so it was pretty obvious for me to start remixing their songs. After some time my remixes became quite popular among Linkin Park fans and even reached the band a few times. In 2016 my remix of All For Nothing has been released officially by Linkin Park as a part of an album Viscera.

Apart from remixing other artists I write my original music as well and I think the song “Wings” represents the sound I usually go for pretty well. It’s a mixture of rock, electronics and some orchestral stuff with a bit cinematic vibe. I never limit myself to any genre though. You never know when I’m gonna make another acoustic piano ballad or an electronic pop track.



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