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Winning Song: Living Shadows

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City: Westminster, Maryland
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Sparse fields and gray skies. This was the birthplace of Flares, a band created by Marc Alan to define a new aesthetic. Hand crafted sounds and intricate composition are at the heart of every Flares’ release. Distorted guitars and live instruments often blend with synthetic sounds to conjure a personality of its own. “The goal I will always have is to simply create music that I can be proud of. When it comes down to it, it just has to make me feel something.” (JumpIntoLimbo.com-Interview). Marc grew up in playing in bands around the Baltimore area while relentlessly working on audio production and programming. Without classical training on piano, he has developed a passion for the instrument over the years.

MTV, Monster Energy and Audi have featured Flares’ music in their TV shows and commercials for his sonic signature that blurs the line between desperation and hope. Flares has a consistent Spotify following of up to 6,000 monthly listeners and a Twitter following of over 22k. Contrasting from delicate tension to chaos, Flares embodies the idea of beauty in decay. Melody is woven through layers of texture, constantly exposing and hiding through moments of vulnerability. Inspiring artists of Flares include the work of Linkin Park, Sigur Ros, Blink182 and 65daysofstatic.

As an independent artist, Flares is working with talent such as Taylor Larson (From First To Last) and Spencer Sotelo (Periphery *Grammy Nominated 2017*) on production on the forthcoming Flares album.



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